Built For Keeping Your Team Synchronised

How Oiga Boosts Productivity

We are working to build the best task management software for designers on the planet.

Dedicated To Designers

Built for designers means its beautiful to look at and use. Your team and clients will thank you for using a clean and stunning dashboard and client portal - no messy email chains.

Real Time Syncing

One of the biggest problems as you scale is managing who has the latest versions of documents and assets. When your team uploads something new, its automatically synced across your team as the latest version.

Privacy Built In

Privacy is built in - we make sure only people with the right access can view your projects, and everything is secured over SSL encryption for peace of mind. All data is encrypted at rest.

Double Your Team Work

Boost your teams ability to work together, reduce workplace frustration and keep your team in sync with the latest files and brand content.

Free Stock Photos

We integrate directly with Pexels, a free stock photo library with thousands of amazing photos that you can use for free in your design projects.

App Coming Soon

We are working hard on a mobile app so you can take your projects with you on your iPhone or Android device.

the best project management software

Tasks, Calendar, Notifications, Kanban, Team Chat

Everything you need to manage your team, projects, tasks and client timelines in one place.

Tasks & Subtasks

Oiga lets you create tasks, assign them to your team, mark them as important, set deadlines and even breakdown big tasks into smaller subtasks.

Documents & Files

Oiga has a built in contract, invoice and client agreement management tool so you can easily create folders under each client, then file their documents corresponding with their projects.

Project Calendar

Whenever you create a new project with a deadline, its due date is automatically added to your project calendar. You can even manually add new events to your calendar.

Team Chat

Team chat lets you communicate in real time with your team - no more inefficient email chains! You can even create a task from a team member's comment by clicking a button.

Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards and the SCRUM methodology are crucial for task management. We have built a stunning and powerful Kanban system - create a task once and manage it in lists or drag & drop Kanban cards.

how we designed oiga

User-Centered Design

We didn't want to create another generic software, so we put in a lot of research with designers at some big companies to find out what features they want, and put them all together.

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Design Comes Full Circle

Team sharing access allows your designer to mock up a concept, share with the developer, send the colour schemes and fonts to the marketing team, and manage invoices and feedback all in one place.

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