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Press Copy is the productivity platform of choice for design agencies who want to manage their tasks, assets, branding, colours and team in one place. No email attachments, no thrash. 

Most design team's workflow's are disconnected. Multiple subscriptions and confusing email chains mean time is wasted figuring out who owns what and where the latest work is. Combine this with your clients repeatedly asking for the latest concepts, graphics and ideas, your whole agency or internal team can waste countless hours on admin and communicating work.

Oiga solves this - one platform that ensures all of your team and clients have the latest files, concepts, colours and tasks in one place, that updates in real time when something new is added by the team.


"Oiga is a modern project management tool that helps you keep track of everything in one place. It’s designed for remote work and unlike many other project management tools, it also includes an asset manager so that everything is in one place." - Carrie Cousins, Webdesigner Depot

"Oiga will be a game changer for designers and developers, it's simple and intuitive and fits in perfectly with our agile way of working" - Jonny, Designer/Developer

"As a website designer Oiga is really useful as it allows me to easily manage all my projects on one system. I can keep track of what colour palette and assets"

"I'm using Oiga for different sites and have checklists for each of them, making it easy to track what I have done and what still needs doing. My favourite thing about Oiga is not having to use lots of different sites and paying multiple subscriptions."

"The concept of Oiga is great. It should help to easily manage my projects." - Ross, Designer/Developer

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You are free to use the above assets in your media publications, whether digital or physical. Simply right click the graphic and click 'Save as'.

You must adhere to the following guidelines:
DO use the assets to promote/advertise/discuss Oiga
DO feel free to resize the assets, as long as you maintain their proportions.
DO feel free to hyperlink back to our site.

DO NOT change the colour of the assets.
DO NOT modify the proportions of the assets.
DO NOT sell or reproduce the assets for your own gain or business.
DO NOT hyperlink the assets to any other site than Oiga's.

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