Manage all of your agency projects in one place

Oiga is perfect for agencies.

Keeping tabs on who in your agency team is working on what can be difficult. Managing your client projects alone can be really difficult - its hard to keep on top of what your customer's budgets are, how many hours you need to complete a project and your to do list and tasks to breakdown the project into components. 

Combine this with the age old issue of losing important client files or documents in your computers hard drive, or some poorly named folder somewhere deep in your documents folder, you can easily lost control of your workflow, costing you time and money. Oiga lets you manage your team's project data (and we mean all of it) in one cloud hosted environment - no more losing files on your computer!

This means you can create your project once, then add hours required to complete the work, client budgets, logos, branding, colour schemes you are using in their designs, fonts, and tasks/subtasks. Then, Oiga lets you share everything in a project by entering your team member's email address and ticking the 'Share everything' checkbox. Made a mistake? Had to fire a designer? Revoke their access quickly with two clicks.

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