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I have a remote team, does Oiga help?

By managing everything on Oiga, your remote team can share olour schemes, website photos, logo sets and project budgets/data with each other. 
No miscommunications, no confusing email chains, no inefficiency.

What can I manage on Oiga I can't elsewhere?

Keeping track of which logos and assets are for which project can be difficult, as you need multiple subscriptions to project management software, designer tools, cloud storage and more. This costs you a lot of money. Oiga lets you manage all of it for free.
Oiga offers a powerful logo, asset and colour manager that allows you to upload and manage your logos, website or design assets, colour palettes and even import free stock photos directly into your projects.

Does Oiga save me money?

Yes, Oiga actually saves you a lot of money when you consider you no longer need a separate task management software, design management subscriptions and cloud storage for your images. Oiga is all in one, for the price of a coffee.

What are project 'Cards'?

Gone are the days when managing your projects was difficult. Cards display all of your project data, the team member who owns the project and allow you or your colleagues to leave comments and updates as you progress.

When you are ready to finally mark a project as completed, Cards make it super easy with one click. If you press it by accident, don't worry - your competed projects can be viewed and restored at any time!

Does Oiga have a mobile app?

Not yet, but we are hard at work building an awesome app for iOS and Android.

Where is Oiga hosted?

Everything is hosted and managed in the cloud. There is no software to install, and nothing to update! Although the AWS datacenter we use is outside the UK, AWS is EU data protection compliant.

Will I be charged sales tax?

If your billing address is within the state of New York, you will be charged sales tax. This will appear on your bill.

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