Built For Designers & Brand Management

Colors, assets, fonts, free images

Task Management Like No Other

Unlike other software, Oiga lets you manage your design palettes and digital assets.

Color Palettes

Oiga is built for designers. You can manage your primary and secondary color palettes, add new colors and share them with your team or developers.

Asset Manager

Host your digital image assets, client graphics, social media branding, Sketch files, and contracts or agreements in Oiga and share with your team.

Free Stock Photos

Finding stock photos for your web design work or graphics is really hard and costly. Oiga lets you import free stock photos to projects from Pexels!

Logo Manager

Never lose track of your logos again. Manage all of your client's logos in a dedicated logo manager in Oiga, and track how many logos each project has.

Font Manager

Just like color management, using consistent typography is crucial to good design, so manage them all in Oiga and hand them off to your other teams.


What Do People Think?

"I'm using Oiga for different sites and have checklists for each of them, making it easy to track what I have done and what still needs doing. My favourite thing about Oiga is not having to use lots of different sites and paying multiple subscriptions."

Graphic Designer

"As a website designer Oiga is really useful as it allows me to easily manage all my projects on one system. I can keep track of what colour palette and assets"

Website Designer

"Very good design. Very clean, very intuitive and easy to navigate."


"Phenomenal work. Really well done!"


"Really great work. The overall aesthetics look pretty great. Some of the best I’ve seen"


"Website is very clean!"


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