What Can I Use to Create a Logo For My Business?

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What can I use to create a logo for my business?

Your logo is the doormat to your business - it holds an intrinsic value that should fit in with all of your branding, website design, and even business. When you see a blue square with a white ‘F’ in it, you immediately think Facebook. Or what about a yellow ‘M’? McDonalds immediately comes to mind.

Having a strong brand identity owes itself to a good logo, and is crucial to raising brand awareness.

There are lots of great ways to create a logo for your business that fit all budgets - from free to premium priced solutions. We will go through a few different services and options to getting a great logo for your business.

1) Design your own.

Designing your own logo is not easy. Its not as simple as drawing a letter in a circle if you really want to create a strong brand. Depending on your design specialisation, it may be a lot easier to outsource your logo design to a professional designer (we started off with an in-house designed logo, but decided to outsource after getting bored of seeing our own work!). If you want to design your own, we recommend a decent design tool like Adobe Indesign - you can’t go wrong with Adobe software.

Photo of a logo design

2) Use existing SaaS offerings

There are lots of excellent logo design platforms that you can use to generate a business logo quickly and easily. Some of these are:

Canva - you can choose from a variety of logo designs pre-made as well as change colours and fonts to make it fit your brand colours. This is a great free resource, so its worth checking out.

Logaster - Logaster is a great service you can use to design a really clean logo. They have a range of icons and fonts you can use to design the perfect logo. It does however cost around $30 to get a high res download, but that is very cheap compared with hiring a designer or agency.

3) Hiring a designer

If you don’t fancy having anything to do with the design of your logo, then you can simply hire a pro to do it for you. This can really increase the upfront costs of developing your brand, but you are most likely to get a much better finished product if you don’t specialise in logo design.

Hiring a designer can range from $50 all the way into the thousands of dollars range, depending on who you hire and whether its an agency, freelancer etc.

There are some great marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork that offer a pool of talent for you to choose from, with some extremely rock bottom prices - you can pay as little as $5 for a really great logo! It all depends on what you want out of your brand, and of course budget. If you do use these marketplace services, make sure they come with at least 2 revisions - you don’t want to end up paying more and more for a revised logo if the first draft doesn’t meet the specification.

There are lots of great ways to have a logo designed, and I hope you have found some valuable options in this post.

What services or options do you use for your logos? Let me know in the comments - I always reply!

If you design your own logos for clients, Oiga has a powerful logo manager so you can store your client logos in the cloud, attach them to clients or projects, and share them with your team!

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