Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2018

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Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Advances in technology and different kinds of innovations have made it easier to reach the world than ever. Along with this growth are shifts in customer expectations and business models. The demand for effective marketing work has indeed become stronger as audiences become more empowered by and exposed to various online platforms.

At a click of a button, we can now easily reach out and tap our target client base as long as we do our marketing the right way. Here are some marketing trends to watch out for 2018.

AI is the future. Like it or not.

1. The Year of AI

Chatbots, automation, and personalization are all going to be the rave this year in providing excellent customer service, engagement, and experience. Using chatbots for online businesses is definitely not a new thing anymore. It has been around over the past years but since 2017, usage, majority of which is customer service-related, has increased mostly among the millennial market.

Retale's survey last year suggests that 58% of millennials have interacted with a chatbot before and 71% of them said that they would try to do so when reaching out to a major brand. With this in mind, nowadays, companies, especially bigger brands, have been working on major enhancements on their chatbots aiming to deliver a more personalized and human experience to their audiences.

The rise of machine learning will also pave greater ways to automation in various business processes, including marketing. Marketing automation will be all about personalized targeting, in both social media and e-mail campaigns. In the previous years, it was seen that a lot of businesses aren't ready to be equipped with automated services yet, but this year, with the amount of data we have and powerful tools available the possibilities are endless.

2. Engagement through Digital Storytelling

Marketing has always been about connecting with audiences and exposing your brand. This year, it's going to be all leveled up. Social media storyboards, such as Instagram and Snapchat stories and YouTube Reels will be utilized by more brands to deliver a different kind of engagement with customers.

With the functionality of posting best highlights of the day and its temporary nature (the videos disappear after 24 hours), this type of storytelling is perceived to instill fear of missing out among users. Digital storytelling is set to capture the social media marketing scene more this year especially with Facebook and WhatsApp joining the scene.

3. Marketing through Movement

It cannot be denied that the market is more visually-oriented these days. As the online community grows, so is the pool of social media users who crave for short, valuable content on the platform. From 360-degree view videos to few-minute videos to live streams, hours spent by audiences on watching content on various social media platforms are projected to soar higher this year.

With this in mind, statistics by Rendrfx say that 65% of businesses are looking to increase their marketing budget dedicated to the creation of video content that has both brand exposure and social relevance.  

The digital age has definitely engulfed the world of marketing. Technology is sure to shape and mold marketing campaigns and initiatives in 2018 and the next years to come. For this reason, it is certainly essential for businesses to have the ability to adapt to the changes brought about by this technologically-advanced era. Don't get left behind!

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