How Much Should I Charge Clients For a Website?

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How much should I charge clients for a website?

Freelancing is a path we take to pursue our passions and professionally grow in them. Along with the opportunity to develop our skills in our areas of expertise, it is also a great way for us to earn cash that we both want and need.

One of the most popular freelance businesses is web design – and just like in any other fields, determining how much to charge clients for different projects can be quite challenging. This especially happens when you are still new to the field. However, you can also be in the website building business for years and may be completely unaware that the rates you are charging don’t match the work you are rendering. This is why it is important for you, as a freelancer, to do your research first before you crunch those numbers.

In general, there is no fixed price for web design services as rates can vary wildly depending on the circumstances of the project. It is also common for novice web designers to just end up charging what the market is willing to pay. As much as possible, we don’t want to walk down that road, so here are a few considerations to think of to arrive at your desired rate.

What is your cost of doing business? Every project you take has its underlying costs. As a web designer, you must have a variety of tools in place to carry on tasks. These include software subscriptions, licenses, rent, and equipment. If you’re with a team, you most probably will have to pay for salaries as well. Determine the minimum amount you need to keep your business going. Afterwards, you can add that extra number to hit the profit you want to achieve.

What does your client need? Find out the kind of components and features that you client needs to have on their website. You need to know the level of complexity that the task requires for you to neither overcharge nor undercharge them. A certain assignment may be quite simple and require less time to build which you can price at a lower rate without undervaluing your services. On the other hand, your client may ask you to create a website with lots of features and add-ons which could be complicated and time-consuming. In this case you are certainly allowed to charge a higher price.

To charge hourly or to charge by project? Knowing which is better between the two has always been a common question among web designers. The truth is it all depends on your preference and the kind of project you have. Charging hourly is the most transparent way of billing your clients and gives flexibility if they wish to add more tasks to the current project. On the other hand, charging by project assures your client that they won’t go over budget if they have one and helps you easily achieve a higher profit once you become more efficient.

Overall, it doesn’t matter how much you charge as long as you set it fairly for your clients and for yourself. Avoid charging too low or pricing too much. Most importantly, deliver top value on your finished projects. Only then will you be able to justify the amount that you set on the table.

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