A Designer’s Guide to Enriching Client Relationships

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A Designer’s Guide to Enriching Client Relationships

As we approach a more technologically advanced era, competition has been growing and has become tougher among business organizations and freelancers alike. Business models and principles have also already evolved establishing a whole new set of expectations among clients. Because of this, both agencies and freelancers need to be mindful of their practices in delivering products and services to optimize client satisfaction.

One common mistake that businesses make is that they often forget to take into account the entire client experience focusing on gaining new clients for maximum profits. However, the quantity of clients doesn’t necessarily mean more projects – and projects are certainly the lifeblood of every agency and freelancer out there.

A single client could bring more business to you in the form of projects and referrals, which is why it is ultimately important for you to nurture relationships with them through stellar experiences and excellent results. So how do we do this? Continue reading because it’s definitely easier than you think.

Work with the right clients.

Great relationships start with the right people. This is also true in doing business. You, as an agency or a freelancer, need to know that you don’t have to say yes to everything presented to you. It’s okay to be picky, especially when it means being with more fulfilling, less agonizing projects. After all, pursuing your passion and career is not just about the money, but also growth.

When you are less stressed out and happy with the clients you’re working with, you are more able to produce valuable work and develop your skills effectively in the process. This will also make it easier for you to engage and interact with them. In return, you clients will be more than satisfied with your accomplished projects making them want to work with you more.

Working with high quality clients will prevent stress and make you more passionate about your work.

Understand and feel.

Making your clients feel connected is an excellent way to develop your professional relationship with them. A little bit of empathy goes a long way in terms of fostering connection. To do this, you must put in the effort to understand why your clients are collaborating with you on a certain project and what their end goals are. Try to see things in their perspective and find out what their expectations are.

On a similar note, be as open as possible to your clients when working with them. Be honest with your opinions and explain to them the “what”, “why”, and “how” in your way of dealing with their projects. Let them in the loop and feel knowledgeable. This way, not only are you communicating effectively avoiding misunderstandings, but you’re also sending a message that you are enthusiastic about being part of their work.

Exceed expectations.

Nothing effectively creates a lasting impression than meeting more than going beyond expectations. Of course, do this as you approach the final stage of the project. It is still important to not oversell yourself in the initial stages and set reasonable expectations. In the end, walking the extra mile would be greatly appreciated. For example, you can do this by giving a detailed walk-through of the final output or presenting even small tokens of appreciation after attaining certain business milestones with your client.

As simple as these things may sound, taking these measures will definitely help you strengthen your bond with your client. In no time, you can definitely expect repeat business and more referral projects to trickle in. So don’t just accept, learn to give, give, give!

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