Should I Quit My Agency Job and Start Freelancing?

There are moments when working for an agency can make you seem like your drowning in overwhelming tasks and feel like your freedom is limited in different professional aspects. Despite the stable income and perks your agency has to offer, you find yourself unhappy and wanting to pursue your passion by being your own boss. At this point, you eventually think about starting your career in freelancing. Undergoing this transition can be quite an emotional journey. For this reason, it is important to first think about the various areas of your life that will be affected before arriving at any decision. Are you ready to let go of the consistent paychecks you’ve been receiving for the past years (or months)? How about the employee benefits you’ve been enjoying? Do you have a back-up plan in the event that freelancing doesn’t work out for you? If you’ve already figured out all the answers to these questions, then congratulations and best of luck in your freelancing journey. Otherwise, read on.

October 2, 2018