About Oiga

The Team

The team behind Oiga has over 25 years experience in software, business development, marketing and business growth. We are here to stay. Oiga is built on the philosophy that software shouldn't be one size fits all, especially for the design industries where creativity counts (see the irony). Take a look at our amazing team below.

Reece Lyons

Founder & CEO

Reece founded Oiga after working as a freelance web designer, as well as heading multiple retail and software companies previously. He also has experience working for one of the largest tech companies and has led multiple teams in his professional career.

Paul Hughes

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul has 25 years International Director of Marketing and Managing Director experience across Europe, the Americas, internationally. He is a huge asset to the team and has a range of experience in telecoms, cybersecurity and cloud computing.


Content & Customer Hero

Alaykka is our customer service and content marketing guru, with great experience in SaaS company sales, marketing and customer service she is a huge asset to the Oiga team.

Oiga builds amazing software. Simple.

A Short Story

Once there was a young freelance designer named Reece Lyons, who worked in the web design industry. He had a big problem. Having an effective organisation system was a constant battle he had to face on his laptop, with his design concepts, project files, and other important work getting lost in the depths of his hard drive being the cherry on top. Sick of wasted time, he did what any reasonable professional would do - turn to online technology to manage his projects. He then figured out that the best solution for his dilemma was to string together three different platforms: one for project and task management, another one for colour palettes, assets, and design hosting, and a final one for stock imagery.

The challenge was far from over though as this meant paying for three different costly subscription fees, switching between three various tabs, and tedious multiple entry work on project data and categorisation. It was a nightmare. Weeks of trying to make the hacked together setup work passed and Reece decided to shift his attention and energy from design freelancing to crafting solutions to the problem. He designed a mockup for an all-in-one system that fused project, task, and designed management in a single place. He began working on it and 6 months later, the first version of Oiga was born. It was buggy, but the design was clean and simple. Oiga worked for Reece, but the challenge of finding stock imagery for his work dawned on him. This still led to spending a huge chunk of valuable time he could have dedicated to designing and acquiring clients. To remedy this, he took a leap of faith and reached out to one of the leading stock photo brands to see how they could help. It turned out that they loved the idea! It was on. After a few days, Oiga had a fully functional search engine for stock photos that enabled him to find images he could use for his design work and manage projects in one place - nothing more to install or folder away!

The platform was exactly how he envisioned it to be: clean, intuitive, and most importantly, a solution to the problem. Reece decided that this was a tool that others could use so he consulted some designer friends for advice. He considered their thoughts and built a platform he and his colleagues were dying to use. Oiga now aims to present this solution to all design, marketing, and branding agencies around the world to optimize productivity in design work and client acquisition  and cutting unnecessary time devoted to admin. And all will, in time, live and create happily ever after.

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